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Who we are?

We are Passion for Freedom, a global village of artists who value freedom. We’ve come a long way from a grassroots group of Polish ladies 16 years ago, to an international movement with an annual art festival in London’s Pall Mall, exhibiting censored artists from 60 countries. We believe that Art and free expression can shake, inspire and liberate the world. Our mission revolves around the following three questions:




United in the fight against oppression, we invite you to join our pursuit of global freedom and celebrate the unbreakable connection between people in our quest for a more open and just world.

Our goal

Passion for Freedom is on a mission to raise $108,000 to bring the 15th-anniversary exhibition to life in New York City. We are all volunteers working on a pro bono basis. But our goal is to provide a platform for artists worldwide who have faced censorship and fought for free expression, showcasing their inspiring and thought-provoking art. Reaching this target will enable covering the costs such as renting the exhibition hall, transporting the artwork, bringing the artists to New York and promoting the event.

This is what we need to do: 

Secure the Venue

Finalize the exhibition hall rental in New York City, ensuring it can accommodate the artworks and anticipated visitors.


Transportation and Logistics

Arrange for the safe and secure transportation of artworks from Europe and other continents to the exhibition site, including all necessary permits and customs clearance.

Support the Artists

Cover the costs of airline tickets, accommodations, and any necessary visas for participating artists to attend the exhibition. Cover the costs of airline tickets, accommodations, and any necessary visas for participating artists to attend the exhibition.

Event Organization

Plan and execute the exhibition opening, including invitations, catering, and security, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees.

Post-Exhibition Follow-Up

Document the exhibition through photos and videos, share stories of the artists and their work, and continue to advocate for free expression and the power of art to foster change.


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Together, let’s make the 15th-anniversary Passion for Freedom exhibition a resounding success, honouring the artists who have courageously used their talent to fight for the universal freedom to express themselves and inspire change worldwide.

Passion for Freedom Event
Passion for Freedom Events
Passion for Freedom Events

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